Join the Game Jam

The game jam takes place on Friday, December 1st - Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. It is an online game jam. We will be hosting a space in Toronto to work with others who are participating.

When is the event happening?

The event starts at 1:00am EST Friday, December 1st and the official jam ends at 7pm EST Sunday evening. Please submit your game to at the time.

What are the rules

This is a very relaxed game jam. You are welcome to reuse your existing code or assets. Our only requests is that you make the games available for a pc and mac and that you make them available for free so the families don't have to pay for them.

Where is the workspace?

We will be hosting a work space in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday at BibiloCommons at 119 Spadina Ave #1000, Toronto, ON M5V 2L1. Please fill out the application below to secure a space. The workspace will be open from 10am - 8pm on Saturday and 10am - 8pm Sunday.

Who can take part?

Anyone is welcome to take part. Beginners and experts, soloists and groups are all welcome. Sign up for the event so we can gauge the number of people participating.

What kind of game am I expected to make?

The game can be simple. The theme is to include at least one idea from at least one kid. They will be describing what kind of game they would like to play, what the hero's name is, what the hero looks like, etc. (view the request form for all the questions). Completed games should be made available for a browser, a PC or a Mac.

What does it cost?

The event is free, thanks to our sponsors!

What should I bring?

You are requested to bring your own equipment including a laptop, charger, etc.

Is there a grace period?

Yes, you can have 1 additional week to polish off the game or submit a late entry. We ask that you aim for the sunday evening deadline for a few reasons: It stays true to the notion of a game jam, it helps keep concept minimal so they can be completed and most importantly, so we can know if there are any ideas that don't have games yet.

Join in Person

We would love to have you to our in-person workspace, Toronto. Space is limited, so please apply for a spot if you'd like to join. The days the space will be available is Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd, 2017.

Join Online

Remote, online space is unlimited, anyone can join! We will connect via our social media channels. We ask that you join the page so we can have an idea of how many people will be participating.